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We provide the following services: Business Plans, Business Profiles Logo Design PowerPoint presentations BUSINESS PLANS Our business plans are suitable for: Start-up Businesses, Small / Medium Enterprises, and Expansion of Existing Business Operations. Comprehensive and Professionally written Business Plans includes the following: Financial analysis - comprehensive 5 year financial projections model, Fully bankable, Profile of the directors, Marketing strategy, Demographics study, Non-Generic custom designed plan, Market- and industry research (internet based), Analysis of the target market/ competitors, Detailed financial ratios and analysis of the financial viability of the business venture, Breakeven Analysis, Full narrative, charts and colour graphics, Complies with requirements of financial institutions, government organizations and investors, Face to face interview if required by entrepreneur / business owner – free and unlimited, Telephone, email and skype support, Amendments to the business plan – free (once off), Amendments to the financials - free when requested by the financier (we obviously want you to succeed with your application), Completed in 15 days. PACKAGE DEALS Package 1 Comprehensive Business Plan (30 pages plus), Company Profile (8 pages plus). Package 2 Comprehensive Business Plan (30 pages plus), Company Profile (8 pages plus), Logo Design. Package 3 Company Profile (8 pages plus), Logo Design. Package 4 Choose any of the above to combine in a package that will suit your needs best. Business Profile A Business profile is an important marketing tool. This is the first contact your prospective client will have with you. Make sure you impress them as you only have ONE chance to do so. We will help you get the message across! We know that marketing is a visual medium and we will include photos of your Business and you as the Business owner. Market Research We will assist with the market research and statistics to enhance your Business plan and capture the interest of the reader. (Internet based)  Consultations Most of our work is done via email or telephone, but if you do want to consult with us, we recommend that this is done after you have received our questionnaire. We can then sit down and discuss your business idea and/or expansion plans and also complete the financial section – no charge.  Consultations will attract a R250 charge if you have not paid the initial deposit for the business plan yet. Before you choose a Business plan Consultant consider this: 1. Nothing matches the hands on experience gained from many years of working in a banking (lending) environment. 2. Playing an active role in the decision making process of the Credit Committee of a Bank. 3. Our business plans are tailor-made to suite your individual needs and designed to suit the requirements of the South African Market (banks, investors and Government Funding bodies).    4. Each business plan is a personalized document, tailored to suit your specific needs.
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